I am a Mother and proud of it!

If you look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, on very top of it, like a “cherry on the top of a cake”, is a need for SELF-ACTUALIZATION. Each of us wants to feel needed, reach personal goals and fulfill a life mission.

As a woman (well, I am talking about 90% of women), there is a need to fulfill yourself as a mother and as a life partner to fully enjoy time spent with her family.  However, when you get married and especially after child birth, you can easily lose yourself in a daily routine, trying to be a good understanding wife and amazing mommy who makes her child 24/7 happy, healthy and secured.  And you are lucky if you have a supporting environment: mom friends around, proud grandparents who are happy to take care of their lovely grandchildren, etc.

But what if not? What if you are lack of daily help and support? What if the society is drawing pictures of a happy and successful business woman or an employee of the year, who is also a mom of 5 kids, always good looking with a perfect make-up, hairstyle and manicure, dressed like a super model, in addition, she is a great athlete and a perfect wife, who recently published her 3rd best-selling book and just finished a European tour, speaking to thousands and thousands of people? Very often, when you browse social media and see those kind of women, don’t you feel bad about yourself – “a loser with a passive lifestyle”?

And yes, maybe there are days when you can wake up before the sun rises, exercise and/or meditate, read, cook a great healthy breakfast and do most of the important things before your family wake up. You are feeling like a superwoman at such moments, like a hero who can save this world. But the reality is that most of the days, you feel so much exhausted after months of sleepless nights, when you can’t even move your limbs, not talking about doing sport activities, when you are lack of time to do elementary things like cleaning up the house, taking a shower or making an appointment with the doctor because you are tired of toothache, hair loss, mood swings or any other side effects from giving a birth…

Sharing the experience of many young moms and being a full-time mom myself, it is challenging to live in a society when the circumstances force you to send your baby to the daycare center and come back to work/business/career. Being surrounded by people, who know always “better” than you, even if it’s your family/children/business, as well as having lack of daily support and being encountered with constant judgement, can also be too stressful for a woman as a mother.

I would say, if you experience something like this, have a tough time bringing all things together in one piece and don’t feel fulfilled at all, just stop doing it. Stop being hard on yourself, and first of all congratulate yourself on being a mother! How many women are dreaming about it!

Second, the only person who defines how successful or not you are is only you. For different people, success means different things. You can have all millions in this world, but if you are alone and there is nobody you can share your life with, it does not make sense.

Third, people who bring you down are probably down by themselves, because really happy people will never do something like this. So, fire them or minimize time spending with them, if it’s not possible to remove them from your life completely.

Forth, you can have everything in your life – family, money and amazing work – just be patient, everything comes in a right time, in case you know exactly what you want. Life prepares you for this every day. If something is missing now in your life, ask yourself what is the lesson I need to learn now to achieve it?

Fifth, don’t blame others and first of all yourself, you are a great mother. If you think you give your best at this particular time, you can always be only better.

Sixth, learn how to breathe deeply, be present. Each moment is precious and can’t be repeated.

Finally, value yourself for whatever you are and learn how to feel good about yourself, because to be really self-actualized you need to practice self-worth, realize that you are unique and don’t need to be like any of your Instagram or any SM “friends”, and be grateful for whoever and whatever you have.

If you realize it, you will definitely find a way how to earn amount you are really worth, have good health, enjoy happy family life, and experience SELF-ACTUALIZED life.

And really really last thing :), being always empowered can be challenging, so create a list of things that can uplift you, bring more energy and make yourself feel good about yourself. It could be a good music, funny videos, shopping, specific food, friend-talk, a book, walking, jogging, etc.

Every time when you feel down, just look at your list, pick up one or several things that boost your positive energy and move forward.

Wish you a happy self-fulfilled motherhood!




Valerie Prasetyo

Life & Success Strategist, Entrepreneur, Investor, Athlete

Founder of Mother’s Inner Power

Essential Principles of Modern Successful Woman – Part 2

As soon as you read the first part of the article, I hope you started to integrate some principles in your life or at least consider some of them as helpful tools to change your mindset, the way you perceive things.

Today I would like to share with you the next five principles and tell more stories of absolutely amazing powerful women who made a decision once to create life on their own terms.

So, here they are:

Principle #6: Be driven by a Big Vision

Whether you are currently a business owner or an employee in a company when was the last time when you asked yourself what is actually drives you in this life? What motivates you to wake up early in the morning, give your best and do all things done to move forward?

Most of the people are so much stuck in their personal dramas that they don’t notice anymore what’s happening outside their own box, how many issues should be resolved today to make this world better, and how huge their impact can be if only they stop live purposeless unconscious life.

I was so much inspired or I would say wow-ed by a beautiful woman from Kenya, who sounded so clear, determined and driven.

Meet Carolyne Opinde (https://www.facebook.com/pg/CarolyneAOpinde/, www.linkedin.com/in/carolyneopinde/), a young entrepreneur from South Africa, who is currently transiting from job to full-time entrepreneurship. She is building her consulting business and her

innovative system helps small and medium scaled businesses develop a roadmap to success through effective planning, strategizing and speed of implementation.

Started to work as a volunteer in a non-profit sector that provided support to strongly disadvantaged, vulnerable people, young girls and women infected with HIV, Carolyne had an eye-opener experience and gained a big life vision – to build hospitals in rural areas of the local community to save lives and make changes. „Here is a big need of it: every day 8000 girls are getting infected with HIV. There is a hope, but without hospitals, it’s not possible to provide primary health care.”

If you are going to be or maybe you already are an entrepreneur, think about what brings your business besides the profit. What vision does it have? How many beautiful changes it can bring?

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” ~ Steve Jobs

Principle #7: Turn challenges into opportunities

It is well-known that everything in our life is a cycle. There are ups and downs, and in any business, there could be obstacles, challenges, and issues to resolve. But what makes successful business owners different from those who give up very fast is their ability to turn any challenges into opportunities. There is always a more creative way, innovative approach – the key is again your mindset focused on success.

Here is the brilliant example – Alexandra Mollik (http://www.alexandramollik.com, www.youtube.com/user/MsElektraKing). I met her during one of the coaching seminars and I was really attracted by her positive attitude to things and openness. Alexandra is well known as The Uncoach who combines two businesses: image creation and mindset styling. She is really passionate about unlocking the client’s inner potential, dress them in an authentic way and create a unique brand as an extension of their soul. 

After 10 years working in a corporate world, she found courage inside of herself and decided to step on the path of entrepreneurship. „Being an employee you are not fully aware of your inside talents, or even if you are sometimes you don’t have a chance to use them fully.” – shares Alexandra. Nowadays, she is a successful network marketer and her styling business is booming. Was her road to success easy, sure not? But that’s all about the personal decision. If you want to design your own life under the terms and conditions that you prefer, be free, build a legacy, it’s time to decide what tools and vehicles you need for it. The road will not be easy, but if you are weaponed with a positive attitude, desire to change and live your footprint on the planet, what can actually stop you?

„I don’t see things as obstacles; it’s not for me…As Richard Branson says if you have a great opportunity, just accepting it and on the way figure out how it works. Of course, the first time is not perfect. To be better you need to practice. You need to start, if you don’t start, you will never find out. ”

„If you are always try to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be“.  ~ Maya Angelou

Principle # 8: Be innovative

After you realized how important it is to be able to turn any challenges into opportunities, there is time to learn the next principle – be INNOVATIVE!

We live in a world that changes extremely fast. If you are too attached to the „old way” of doing things and very slow in implementing your ideas, well, there is a chance you are lost before you even started.

So, don’t be afraid to tune in your creativity and present to the market your innovative idea.

A role model for this is Rana El – Eid, a Goddess of innovation, beautiful

woman and mom of two daughters. (https://www.amazon.com/Think-Like-Woman-Act-Entrepreneur-ebook/dp/B06WGLM21P/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500526953&sr=8-1&keywords=think+like+a+woman+act+like+an+entrepreneur)

Rana started to build her first business Red Design (corporate identity and branding company) while stillbeing an employee. During the 21 years of entrepreneurial experience, she built many successful brands and companies and earned a title of serial entrepreneur. Her innovative idea – Café Céramique (Coffee shop/restaurant and Paint your own pottery) business, that won two Best Family Restaurant Awards with Time Out two years in a row, has several franchises nowadays. „The industry does not matter. You can manage any business. Jump and figure out how it works, build the best team.” – says Rana.

The most recent creation of her is Azur Spa which is now re-branded to RE- Salons & Spas (a beauty and wellness center that provide services to clients in their own setting, Azur Spa on Wheels). If you offer an innovative product or service it can be challenging to fit all regulations and laws, however, „Don’t listen to people, who said that it’s not possible. Believe in your idea, got the feeling. Throw yourself, don’t wait until you are perfect, you deal with situations on the way, finding creative ideas on solving the issues. With new ideas it’s hard, you have to prove that it works to receive special licenses, but with strong beliefs, actions, constant moving you achieve progress and prove that it works.”

In November 2010, Rana won the Most Innovative Woman Entrepreneur Award. And she continues to create new concepts and approaches. After selling her business, she is writing now her new chapter of life and business. That’s for sure will be something extraordinary.

The lesson from this story is that when you follow your heart and deep creativity, not afraid to be the first on the market with your ideas, you will definitely find a way how to make things work.

Remember, you have just one life; there will be not the second try for making things done. Don’t waste your time in vain being stuck in a fear and waiting when the perfect moment will come.

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” ~Scott Belsky 

Principle #9: Perfection is in perfection

Talking about perfection, sometimes we spend years to start doing something because we want that everything works perfectly. But what is perfect? Does the point when you will be fully satisfied with the result actually exists or it’s just a cover for procrastination? The fact is that there will be always a better way to do things, improve results and polish skills.

During the process of organizing interviews, I’ve got acquainted with a charismatic entrepreneur from Poland, Olga Kozierowska (www.kozierowska.pl,  www.sukcespisanyszminka.pl). She is another role model for wife-mom-prefers, who is managing the well-being of her family and building her own businesses: event and workshops organizer for big corporations and an owner of the foundation, Women Leaders Pro that helps women with building careers.

Her way to entrepreneurship is very interesting. She was studying to play the violin, but after serious arm injury re-focused on studying marketing and leadership. After spending some years in Holland and UK, she came back to her motherland and was an employee in different international companies, including DPD and major marketing agencies.

However, she felt limited in creating and doing things, also encounter with discrimination. „People, especially women like to put labels on other women.” Blond, good looking woman can’t be smart enough…or despite the executive position, she had to implement a very routine work only because she was the only woman in a room. All these factors triggered her to move on her own. She was not ready to fully switch to the entrepreneurial world and the time was not perfect. But Olga gave herself a try: during 6 months she was combining full-time job and doing business. When she realized that she can live from her business and that she actually can be an entrepreneur, she left a corporate world.

„Some people are planning 5 years and then it’s not actual anymore when they finally made a decision to start. Just Do It! Everybody have fears, successful people also have fears…Never give up even after failures. Research shows that in average each success consists of 6 failures…Go your way, concentrate on your goal.”

She started on the radio to interview only successful women to prove that women are also can be successful, that they are smart, professional, dedicated and hard working, wise and need to be treated equally.

The message from Olga to those who at the very beginning: „Fight with perfection, simply be the best in everything you do. Don’t be afraid of changes and challenges. My crisis created me. I learn from failures.“

„Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.“ ~ Kim Collins

Principle #10: The balance does not exist, create your own equilibrium

Hopefully, you are empowered with the success stories of ordinary women who at some point made a decision to create something EXTRA, that’s what makes them so extraordinary in a business today.

Being a wife-mom-preneur by myself, I can confirm that it’s not an easy way. But again, you can’t be perfect at everything at once. Just determine for yourself what is the most important for you at this moment, set priorities and keep moving.

Balance is something to what we are tending to achieve, but in reality, it’s a myth. The key to keep yourself in charge is creating your own equilibrium.

And here is one more inspiring example, Veronica Sosa (http://www.meetveronicasosa.com), a beautiful
entrepreneur, founder of Business Fit magazine  (http://www.businessfitmagazine.com), a leader of business seminars for Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs, SHE (www.hispanasemprendedoras.eu) and international speaker.

Veronica also has a corporate background; however, she always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She was always fascinated with publicity business and was in charge of high position in a magazine where she started as a secretary and was an owner of a publicity distribution company.

I find it absolutely inspirational for many women, coming from a patriarchal culture, where women are normally in the kitchen, she built a great career in the corporation and achieved a tremendous success in a business arena. „ I didn’t just want to learn how to cook. I wanted to study and travel.“ You will tell it’s a hard work, yes it is! But when you invest a lot in personal development, coaching and break any limits in your head, everything becomes possible. That’s how this life is created. In addition, if you live a multidimensional life and take care about three important areas of your own life, body, mind, and spirit, you will never lose the path and eventually achieve much more than you probably believe now you can achieve.

„You can’t awake people; everybody has their own path, their own time… Start personal development, positive psychology, read a lot of books. We have the power to achieve all these things. Creating powerful thoughts we create our reality. When we realize it, we start to take care of it.”

„Beginning is about learning and maybe in a way struggling. In order to achieve things, we need to find equilibrium with mind, body, and spirituality. It will lead you to abundance.” – Veronica Sosa. 

Stop stagnating, start creating; stop procrastinating, start moving to your goal; stop searching excuses, start motivating and empowering yourself with high vision, stop focus on challenges, start creating opportunities.

Hope you like the article. If yes, don’t hesitate to comment and share.

Send you Blessings and Love!




Valerie Prasetyo

Life & Success Strategist, Entrepreneur, Investor, Athlete

Founder of Mother’s Inner Power

Essential Principles of Modern Successful Woman: Part 1

The idea of this article came with realization of how many people are „oversleeping“ their own lives and rely on “natural flow“ of circumstances, that will  someday somehow make their lives wealthier, happier, richer, more successful, exciting or whatever it is.

But here is a surprise for you, precious sleeping beauties, YOUR Dream/Success/Goal is not a prince that will come one day, gift you with a kiss of power and change your life forever, and you will live long and happily together ever after. It is not a hero whom you need to wait for till the end of your life to come again someday, to rescue you from the prison of personal limiting beliefs and fears. It’s YOU! You should become a Hero who has enough courage to tell yourself, You know what, this is my life, it is a tremendous Gift, and I want to live it on my terms and conditions.“ You are the author of your own life, so start to write something fabulous. And the sooner, the better.

You can think it’s easy to say, and it’s even easier to write about it. I need to say that all materials gathered for this article is coming from the personal experience of real successful ladies, powerful business women, creative entrepreneurs and open-hearted women whose feminine grace has already empowered so many other women and changes lives of many people around the world. Some of them have a transition period, switching from job to entrepreneurship, from one business industry to another; some of them are on the top of their career success; some of them are mothers, and they combine parenting, work, and other responsibilities; some of them fully focus on goal achievement and success orientation. They are from different countries and continents, with different backgrounds and cultural values, but there are a couple of things that make them common: they are creators of their own lives, and they are driven by the Big Vision: to make this World better. I am very grateful that they agreed to share their experience and encourage others to make a big step in life. I was conducting interviews during the last several weeks, and it was such an inspiration to spend time with people who are driven, dedicated, constantly developing themselves and most importantly shine with beautiful inner light and ready to share it with others.

The goal of this article is to empower women to live the life they deserve, take responsibility for all choices that they consciously or subconsciously make, decide to live a meaningful life full of abundance and freedom. Hard decision you may say, especially in a modern world, where everything is about pressure, information overflow and blurred boundaries between feminine and masculine power and responsibilities. But it’s possible! To make the process of transformation easier and smoother, I came up with 15 essential principles that a woman should follow to achieve success in whatever area she wants to succeed. To avoid the overflow of information, I decided to split these Principles into 3 parts. And here is the first portion of them.

Principle # 1: Do what you love and love what you do.

Does your work, business or whatever you do now inspire you? Is it what you love to do and ready to dedicate to this as much time as it needs without feeling overwhelmed? Well, for sure we are all human beings and sometimes have the feeling of taking a rest and recharge the battery. But in general, I believe that nowadays we have all necessary tools to succeed and build even empires by doing things that are our passion.

And here is the bright example, Tamilya Anchutkina, an entrepreneur from Central Asia, who founded the first co-working center (www.mamadom.kz) in Kazakhstan. Workingfrom 16 years old, tried 30 different professions and 2 businesses in the past, decided: to take the life creation into her own hands and open her own business for the 3rd time while being a mom of two precious children.


Tamilya shares her feelings, which probably each mom is experiencing, from one side you feel guilty when you leave your child and invest most of your time in work. From the other side, when you have maternity leave severalyears, you can e asily miss opportunities and lose yourself in routine. That’s how the innovative idea of co-working came into her mind. And it’s not just the center where women can work while their kids are in the next room playing with professional nannies; here women can receive a good business education and get help in launching their own businesses. Was it easy for her to make such a big step? Not at all. And yes, as she openly says, she also had fears to be dependent, not be able tofind herself, and earning money for a living was the major reason at the beginning. But with the development of this idea and self-improvement, she realized that there is much more than just material reward. It’s so important to realize your mission, the higher idea is stronger than any fear, and Love is what drives you and motivates every single day. The desire to bring Value and changes in this world empowers you.

So, fuel yourself with inspiration, allow yourself to invest most of your time in things that you really enjoy! Transform your feminine energy into love and spread it.

Why is it so important? Because when hard times come, and it’s obvious that in any business you experience a cycle of good and bad things, there should be something that will empower you and never let you give up.

The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy. -Malcolm Forbes

Principle #2: Become an Enlightenment Warrior

And talking about empowerment and self-motivation here is principle number 2: develop the characteristics of Enlightenment Warrior. What does this mean? No, no,no, don’t imagine yourself as a participant of a crusade. It doesn’t have anything to do with this. It simply means that after you decided to do what you love to do and spread it, you need to be ready to meet a tough reality, overcome any challenges and become unstoppable.

Valeria Vinclair, Business Success Mentor & Real Estate Investor from Switzerland is a bright example of these characteristics. She is expecting her first baby and combining the roles of a founder and Vice President of Real Estate Company (www.vinclairpartners.com) and co-partner of accountability business club: Intelligent Millionaires Network (www.imnzurich.com) in Zurich. She left her job and started her own business some years ago and faced a lot of challenges at the beginning. Unsupportive environment, disempowering negativity from people surrounded her and many other challenges each entrepreneur faces at the very beginning. However, it didn’t stop her. „It was scary and challenging because of a lot of negativity from other people who said that job is secure, stay there, you would not succeed. So, you need fire your friends at some point and develop a very strong mindset.“ – shares Valeria. She used to challenge herself and competing only with herself. And the fact is that being a woman in property business is still challenging nowadays because it’s considered to be a „man’s world.“ Nothing stopped her, and till now she is expanding her business and constantly moving forward. Advice for those who face everyday challenges in building their business: „Find whatever pumps you up, it could be motivational video, talk with an inspiring person, favorite song or whatever.Just keep doing things, don’t fake it until you make it, act like you already belong, and if you have enough competence, confidence will come.“

„If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard. But if you are willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy.“ -T.Harv Eker

Principle #3: Make confidence your best friend.

If for someone, confidence is not an issue, there are many people, especially women, who are afraid of bringing their presence into the business world and start to project their messages. The reason for it is a lack of self-confidence. If you are one of them, listen, confidence is not a natural part of your personality that comes as a free attachment with your birth. It’s a skill that has to be developed. If till now you made a decision to spread your wings and jump from the airplane, ready to do things persistently without stopping, now is the time to become an expert in the area you want to build your business. And becoming an expert means dedicating time to educating yourself, maybe attend seminars, join masterminds, read tons of books, meet with people who are already experts and can share their expertise. Whatever it takes, become knowledgeable enough. Competence brings confidence. And even if at the beginning it is not like this, believe me with  time, you will not just act as you belong, but you will belong to the world where you want to position and grow yourself.

Here is the story of a South Korean business woman, Jin Kang, who is in golden jewelry business already 12 years. Was she born with all the knowledge on how to build a successful sustainable business? I don’t think so. During her maternity leave, she was feeling lost, depressed and broke. But she did not turn to one of the life complainers and blamers. She started to learn the business skills she needs to succeed. When I asked her if she had any fears at the beginning of her journey, she shortly answered: „No fears, only confidence that I can do it and take action.“.“ The reason for it is that she did her home work,“ she didn’t say to herself „I can’t do it, because I have no clue how,“ instead, she found out what she needed, how she can make things happen. Knowledge added more confidence and allowed her to stay in a very competitive market. Her motivation now is to make people happy. The secret of success: „Focus not on selling something to people focus on bringing value to customers: make them feel good and happy. Be confident, believe in yourself and give your best.“

“You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it.” Dr. Robert Anthony   

Principle #4: Open yourself to the World

With your confidence raised, now you are ready for the next principle. It’s time to open yourself to this amazing World that needs YOU!

Silvija Popovic (www.silvijapopovic.com), motivational coach, business strategist and international speaker, who was working as a pre-school teacher, moved to Germany from Croatia and founded her company called Full Potential Intelligence.

The biggest fear for Silvija or let’s say limiting belief was that she did not finish any school for coaches. And she was questioning herself, how can she be a coach without any certificate or knowledge about coaching. But again, instead of stucking herself with endless analysis – paralysis, she decided to take action. First of all hired the best coaches whatever it took her and started to develop the skills required. And the way she sees things now: „In fact, we are all coaches, but we are not aware of it. We can help people with the knowledge that we’ve naturally got in life. You don’t need to have a paper to be recognized; you just need to learn, improve yourself and give your best. Look at the presidents of countries. They don’t have papers that they can lead the whole countries, but they are still presidents.“ And isn’t it true, not your diplomas, certificates or any other papers make you successful and bring results to your clients, it’s your ability to use everything you have, get enough courage to open yourself to the world and deliver the best, serve and uplift those who surround you? You are the most powerful instrument for your own success, and it’s all about your choices how you gonna use it. „Be in a full potential, does not matter what you are doing (mechanic, make-up artist or coach). Be the best in what you do, because you never know whom you can inspire. Remind yourself how great and powerful you are.“

And one more advice from Silvija, open your heart and be able to support others. Only with an open heart and with the ability to support each other can we be successful in any business. And results don’t lie. Silvija’s clients are reaching full potential and bringing their businesses to the next level.

„Be in spirit, Be inspired and be an inspiration.“ – Silvija Popovic

Principle # 5: Stop competing

The last principle that I wanna share with you in this article is Stop Competing!

On the way to triumph so many women just lose themselves in endless competition with one another. Instead of cooperation, support, productive JV partnerships and creation of interesting projects, some start to involve themselves in unnecessary aggressive competition like their life depends on it. Well, leave all this judgment, gossiping and comparison somewhere behind the door, focus on personal development and raising the Relational Capital.

You will think, it’s funny to hear such statement like “Stop competing” from an athlete who is used to competing all the time with others.

Yes, and I can repeat this statement one more time!

I believe that you will be able to experience a wealthier, happier, richer & nicer life only when you raise your personal mindset: when you are able to celebrate the successes of other people, when you can handle personal failures and grow from them, when the only person with whom you compare yourself is only you, and you stop spending tons of hours sitting in social media watching how other people live and judge them for being who they are because you don’t have time for this anymore-you are busy to live your own life!

When you stoplosing your energy on negativity, hate, and endless complaining, you start to feel like you are more creative, more productive, lighter and ready for new adventures every single day. Only a lazy one will not be able to succeed in an atmosphere where everything expands, grows and full of opportunities to do business with successful and like-minded people.

„Stop competing with everyone else. Focus on becoming better than the person you were yesterday. Aim to be your best. Aim to grow you.“ – Brooke Griffin 

I hope you found something valuable for yourself in this article and ready to take action. Stay tuned, the next part of principles will be published soon in the next article together with more stories, more information and more inspiring material.

Meanwhile, try some principles, implement the ideas, transform your life for a better. You are the only one who is able to create the life of your dreams, stay happy and enjoy each moment.

If you liked the Article, please, leave your comment and share. Sharing is caring, maybe it can help other people.


Valerie Prasetyo
Life and Success Strategist, Entrepreneur, Investor, Athlete
Founder of Mother’s Inner Power

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